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Upcoming Tutorials

ISCA - June 15th, 2014

The PinPlay team will be presenting a PinPoints tutorial using Sniper as a [Tutorial at ISCA 2014].

Download Pinballs for full runs and PinPoints

Terms and Conditions for Use

These are checkpoints (Pinballs) for entire runs and representative regions (PinPoints) of SPEC CPU2006 reference runs. They are intended to be used as input to Pintools written with Pin-based record/replay toolkit for reproducible analysis.

Please refer to the SPEC Fair Use Rules before using these checkpoints. If used as the basis for prediction of SPEC run time or a SPEC metric, any results published must be very clearly tagged as “Estimated” or “Estimated by simulation of pinballs for representative simulation regions (PinPoints)”.

Tools used:

  • Compiler for building CPU2006 benchmarks: gcc 4.3, 64-bit, -O2 -g
  • PinPlay version: pre-release version based on Pin kit pin-2.12-55942-gcc.4.4.7-linux
  • SimPoint: version 3.2
  • Sniper (for validation): Pre-release 4.2


  1. SPEC Fair Use Rules
  2. PinPlay
  3. Sniper
  4. SimPoint

By downloading these Pinballs, you confirm that you agree to the license policy outlined above.


  • Pinballs in Pinplay 1.1 format (Sniper 5.2+)
    • Whole program pinballs
    • PinPoints
      • Download 2.1 GiB, no warmup, 1B instruction detailed region, maxK=1 (md5)
      • Download (p1/md5, p2/md5, p3/md5, p4/md5) 6.9 GiB, 100M instruction warmup, 30M instruction detailed region, maxK=10
  • Pinballs in Pinplay 1.0 format (Sniper <= 5.1)
    • Whole program pinballs
    • PinPoints
      • Download 2.9 GiB, 100M instruction warmup, 30M instruction detailed region, maxK=5 (md5)