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Sniper is configured using command-line parameters and/or configuration files. The default configuration is stored in sniper/config/base.cfg. The run-sniper script accepts the -c configfile and -g configsetting commandline parameters to modify this. Configuration files or parameters are evaluated from left to right on the commandline, newer values override older ones.

  • -c configfile: includes the configfile configuration file. If no -c option is used, gainestown is automatically assumed which models a Nehalem-like system. configfile can be either an existing filename in the current path (e.g. -c ./myconf.cfg), or it can be the name of a predefined config file in sniper/config without its .cfg extension (e.g. -c gainestown to include sniper/config/gainestown.cfg)
  • -g --section/parameter=value: set a single parameter value (e.g. --perf_model/core/frequency=2.66).

At the start of each simulation, a file sim.cfg is written which contains the complete configuration details used in this run.