Heterogeneous Configuration

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What is heterogeneous configuration support?

In Sniper v3.0 we have enabled support for heterogeneous configuration of core options.

How does it work?

Each option can have a default value and an array (heterogeneous) value defined. Setting values in the configuration file as normal sets that value as the default for all components that participate in heterogeneous configuration. Note, that currently most configuration parameters are core id indexed, and that heterogeneous support does not make sense for all configuration variables.

To use these options, use the comma (,) separator between items. It is possible to leave values empty, which will allow them to be assigned the default value. In the example config file below, we define a global default, and then override the values for core 0 and 3.


Which options can be set in this way?

Below are some examples of heterogeneous options that can be set.