Sniper Features

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Simulator features

  • Interval model: a fast, high-abstraction level core simulation model using the interval model
  • CPI stack generation
  • x86-64 architecture support
  • Python scripting support (DVFS control, etc.)
  • OpenMP support
  • Simulation statistics collection (sim.stats)
    • Support scripts for parsing and understanding statistics
  • ROI (region of interest) support
  • Multi-OS support (RedHat, Ubuntu, Debian support/gcc 4.3 or higher)
  • Easy debugging of the simulator, and applications running in Pin (--gdb, --appdebug)
  • Multiple instrumentation modes
    • Faster cache-only pre-ROI simulation before detailed simulation
  • Stackable configurations
    • Example: Use the nehalem microarchitecture with the big-cache configuration ("-c nehalem -c big-cache")

Hardware features

  • Accurate core model [ ref,pdf ]
  • Parametric shared cache model
  • Modern Pentium-M-style branch predictor [ ref ]